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Friends of Rachel (FOR)

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Who was Rachel?

Rachel Scott was the first person killed in the Columbine High School shooting in Littleton Co. She was all about kindness and compassion. She cared for others like she would want others to care for her. She wrote an essay about a month before her death challenging others to act with kindness and compassion. Rachel's challenge is for students to share kindness around instead of bullying. F.O.R shows people that no matter what, you have a friend to be there for you.

F.O.R Program Goals

The FOR Program's main goal is to create Cultural Change in our School. The Rachel's Challenge assembly produces a temporary climate change on a school campus. Students discuss the presentation and are inspired to change. A good message can only last so long before the momentum begins to fade. The FOR Program was created to promote permanent cultural change in schools. The goal is to have a campus that is welcoming, safe, and filled with kindness and compassion. Rachel's Challenge understands a cultural change can be accomplished by filling the school with kindness. This happens through large and small acts of kindness performed for groups of people and individuals. This curriculum will help guide students in performing acts of kindness.

In addition to performing kind acts, it is important for students to understand the concepts of kindness and compassion. Instruction, role playing and group discussions are required to give a basis of knowledge for students. FOR members have made it their goal to change the school; first they must understand the issues that need changing. This curriculum contains lessons, role playing activities, and discussion questions to facilitate these goals. It is very important to create an Atmosphere of Kindness, or AOK. The posters that Rachel's Challenge provides, along with ones students create, should be placed around our school. this will help create a more positive environment and the messages will also serve as reminders to students to be respectful and kind to one another.

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