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  • Federal Student Aid
  • FAFSA: Electronically submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). All studdent interested in financial aid for college will need to complete this form.
    • Step by Step Guide on Filling out the FAFSA
    • Deadlines vary from school to school and state to state, but it is suggested too have it done by the end of February of your senior year.
    • Need help with your FAFSA? Call 1-800-FED-AID (Monday-Friday 6AM-10PM, Saturday 6AM-4PM)
  • FSA ID: A username and password has replaced the Federal Student Aid PIN and must be used to log in certain U.S. Department of Education websites. Your FSA ID confirms your identity when you access your financial aid information and electronically sign Federal Student Aid documents. If you do not already have an FSA ID you can create one when logging into

Local / State Scholarships

Scholarships Amount Due Date
Local Scholarships    
North Fork Engineering Scholarship $500 May 1st
Hanna Chapter #46 Order of the Eastern Star $200-$400 May 1st
HEM Booster Scholarship $250 May 1st
Lasting Legacy Scholarship $200 May 10th
Harry Baxter Shields Story and Scholarship HEM Staff elects one winner $1000 May 10th
Tammy Briggs Shinkel Memorial Scholarship $500 May 15th
Bow River FFA Alumni Scholarship   May 22nd
Carbon County Scholarships    
Miss Carbon County   Jan 25th
Carbon Power & Light   Feb 2nd
Basin Electric   Mar 1st
Tri-State Scholarship   Feb 5th
AGCO Legacy Scholarship (Shively Hardware Company) $1000 Feb 17th
High Plains Power Inc. Scholarship $1000 Mar 2nd
Rocky Mountaineers Scholarship $1500 Mar 9th
Kristi Barkhurst 4H Memorial Scholarship   Apr 1st
Carbon County 4H Foundation Scholarship   Apr 1st
Carbon County Stock Growers Association $150-$500 Apr 7th
Casey McKee LCCC Scholarship   Apr 15th
Carbon County Farm Bureau Scholarship $300 Apr 15th
Carbon County Farm Bureau Members Scholarship $300 Apr 15th
Valley Service Organization Youth Citizenship Award $500 Apr 15th
Meridian Trust Scholarship $1000 Apr 19th
Carbon County Comminssioners Scholarships 3-$1000 + 1 renewal Apr 27th
WREA Lineman Scholarship $3000 Apr 30th
Soroptimist International of Rawlins Mary Quealy Award 2-$500 Apr 30th
Rawlins Elks Lodge MVS Scholarship $1500 May 5th
Wyoming Telecommunications Association   May 15th
US State Senate Scholarship $10,000 Oct 3rd
America’s Promise Grant 1                     3 $2450  
Wyoming Scholarships    
Jack Kemp Cooke Foundation Scholarship $40,000 for 3 years Late Nov.
Wyoming Waterwell Scholarship $800 Jan 1st
Wyoming State 4-H Foundation
multiple Jan 15th
Wyoming Mountain Mensa $600 Jan 18th
ASUW Student Governement Min $1000 per semester Jan 18th
Clifford C. Hach Memorial Scholarship UW Chemistry Dept $6000 Jan 19th
American Chemical Society Scholarship Full Freshman Tuition Jan 19th
WAO Scholarship   Feb 1st
Society of Women Engineers   Feb 1st
Proud to Host the Best Scholarship (McMurry Foundation) $500 Feb 10th
Wyoming Auctioneers Association Scholarship $500 Feb 15th
Wyoming FFA Scholarships   Feb 17th
Wyoming Trucking Association Scholarship $500-$1500 Feb 26th
USS Wyoming/Honorable Richard M.I. Chaney Scholarship $1000 Mar 1st
Wyoming Elks Association

multiple $1000-$2000

and Vocational Opportunities

Mar 1st

Wyoming Farm Bureau Federation Scholarships

Wyoming Farm Bureau Continuing Education Scholarships

$500-$1500 Mar 1st
Wyoming Game Wardens Association Scholarship $400 Mar 1st
NILE Scholarship up to $2000 Mar 1st
Wyoming School Resource Officer Association Scholarship 2-$500 Mar 3rd
UW Alumni Scholarships multiple Mar 6th
WAESS Student Scholarship $500 Mar 13th
American Chemical Society Scholarship UW entering Freshman Full resident tuition Mar 15th
Kaiser Foundation Scholarship $4000 per year for 5 years Mar 15th
Wyoming Weed and Pest Scholarship
$1000 Mar 23rd
BP America Production Company Energy Scholarship Program eligible for $5000 Mar 30th
Snowy Range Cattle Women $200 Apr 15th
Adeline Neilson Scholarship Foundation several $500-$4000 Apr 14th
Western Wyoming Community College Ambassador Scholarship $1000 Apri 18th
Neil Adkins Lineworker Scholarship $1000 May 1st
The Craig and Susan Thomas Foundation Scholarship Program   May 1st
BP Technologies Scholarship WWCC up to $7800 May 8th
Douvas Memorial Scholarship $500 May 8th
Elks Angels Scholarship (For a student who has lost a parent in the “War on Terror”) $1000 May 10th
AEF of AIA Wyoming (Architecture)   May 15th
Wyoming LDS Foundation Scholarship at the University of Wyoming multiple June 15th
Glen Legler Memorial Scholarship 3-$1000 May 15th
Distinguished Young Women Scholarship (Must apply your 11th grade year) $4800 July 31st
Wyoming NASA Space Grant (WWCC students) $1000 Dec 5th
All UW Scholarships are listed here   Dec 30th
Daniels Fund   Sep 15th
Michagan State STARR Scholarship   Nov 1st
Wyoming Best of the Best Scholarship $500 July 16th
Wyoming Girls State    
Wyoming Boys State    
National Scholarships    
Mike Rowe Works Scholarship for Vocational Schools Only   Spring
AXA Achievment Scholarship   Dec 15th
GE-Reagan Foundation multiple $10,000-$50,000 Jan 7th
Washington Crossing Foundation multiple $500-$10,000 Jan 15th
Ronald McDonald House Scholarship   Jan 20th
Elks National Foundation Legacy Award   Jan 30th
ESA Foundation Scholarship Application multiple $750-$5000 Feb 1st
National FFA Scholarships   Feb 1st
Buick Achievers Scholarship program   Feb 27th
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation   Mar 1st
**1th Grade Scholarship**** The Coolidge Scholarship Full Tuition/Board 4 years Mar 18th
Janice M. Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund $2500 Mar 31st
Americanism Essay Contest   Apr 1st
iModules Scholarships mulitple Apr 1st
Sports Unlimited Scholarship $1000 Apr 20th
B. Davis Scholarship $1000 Apr 20th
Salemy High School Scienetific Scholarship 2-$1000 May 31st
Auto Accessories College & Automotive Trade School Scholarship $1000 June 1st
A & F Scholarship $1000 June 12th
Horation Alger Career Tech Scholarship $2500 June 15th
Big Sun Athletics Scholarship $500 June 19th
Khan Law Firm Scholarship $1000 Aug 1st
Wendy’s High School Heisman   Oct 1st
AES Engineers   Oct 7th
Horation Alger Scholarship   Oct 25th
Coca-Cola Scholars Program   Oct 31st
Prudential Spirit of Community Awards Program   Nov 4th
Toptal STEM Scholarship for Women $5000 awarded each month

15th of each month


Hints for completing scholarship applications:

  1. If you meet the basic requirements for an award …..APPLY!
  2. ALWAYS include a COVER LETTER specifically tailored to the scholarship. It is suggested to include a RÉSUMÉ even if they don’t ask for one.
  3. Always read the application form completely before you starrt filling it out. Make sure that you’re complete and concise, but also creative! Many forms that are not complete are thrown out.
  4. Clearly emphasize your ambitions, goals, and what makes you DIFFERENT from other applicants – “TOOT” your horn!
  5. ALWAYS have someone proofread your letters AND applications.
  6. If you are required to send an application letter make sure they are neat AND clean! Write legibly or type the application form – it looks more professional.
  7. Keep copies of your cover letters, applications, essays, and letters of recommendations and make a list of these scholarships you applied for.
  8. NEVER become discouraged – NEVER talk yourself out of applying. You have just as good of a chance to receive the scholarship as any other applicant.
  9. There should be no reason to pay a fee to apply for a scholarship – usually scholarships asking for a fee are a hoax – don’t fall victim to this!

Additional Scholarships

  •  FastWeb!: Search Over 1.3 Mil. Scholarships Free & Easy Registration. FastWeb is the largest, most accurate and most frequently updated scholarship database. If you supply an email address, they will notify you when new awards that match your profile are added to the database. You can even submit an electronic application to some of the scholarships listed in the FastWeb scholarship database, saving you time and money. FastWeb also includes a college search and numerous other student resources. You can also check out the FastWeb Quick Reference Guide.
  • Scholarships: This site offers a free search after registration and profile development. The search results include an indication of the value of the scholarship, maximum awarded, due date and relevance to your situation as well as a way to select offerings that are placed in a "my scholarships" folder.
  • Student Scholarships: This site has an option for parents and counselors you can view some scholarships immediately OR you can register for free to search over 24,000 scholarships.
  • Scholarship Experts: They are one of the most comprehensive free online scholarship searches available to students, parents, and educators.
  • Go College: Comprehensive resource covering college admissions, financial aid, educational options, and surviving college.
  • How to Get In
  • Free4u
  • Simple Tuition – Compare loans from several different lenders.
  • Continually watch and apply for scholarships posted by your school counselor.
  • Check with the financial aid office at the college/university you plan to attend to see what available scholarships they have available early on in the year.

Need additional hel? Contact Mr. Ward.

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