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Middle School Girls Basketball




Date Opponent Location Time Score
October 19th First Practice Saratoga 4:00 PM -
October 23rd LSRV Saratoga 4:00PM  
October 24th HEMHS Hanna 10:00AM  
October 27th Rock River Saratoga 4:00PM  
November 5th Encampment Encampment 4:30PM  
November 10th Rawlins Saratoga  4:30PM  
November 13th Rock River Rock River 4:30PM  
November 17th Encampment Saratoga 4:30 PM  
November 20th LSRV Baggs 4:00PM  
November 23rd Rawlins Rawlins 4:30PM  
December 5th Tournament Hanna TBA  

Head Coach: MANDY MOON   



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Donate to the SMHS Cancer Walk
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e-notes Notification Portal
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