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High School Volleyball


Date Opponent Location Time Scores
August 19 First Practice Saratoga 4:00  -
August 30th Saratoga Invite Saratoga TBA


September 7th Mt. View Mt. View 11/12/1:00  
September 10th North Park Saratoga 4:30/5:45  
September 12th Rock River Saratoga 6/7:30  
September 14th Encampment Encampment 12/1:00  
September 19th LSRV Saratoga 6/7:30  
September 20th HEM Saratoga 5/6:30  
September 27th Farson-Eden Saratoga 4/5:30  
September 28th Cokeville Saratoga 1:00/2/3:30  
October 1st HEM Hanna 5/6:30  
October 5th Rock River Rock River 12/1:00  
October 8th North Park (JV Only) Walden 4:30/5:30  
October 11 & 12 1A Jamboree Dubois TBA  
October 18th Farson-Eden Farson 4/5:30  
October 19th Cokeville Cokeville 10:00/11:00/12:00 AM  
October 24th Encampment Saratoga 4:30/6:00  
October 25th LSRV Baggs 6/7:30  

Running Record

(Overall, Conference)


November 1-2: Regional Volleyball Riverton TBA



November 7-9 State Volleyball Casper TBA


Coaches: Shayley Love & Amy Johnston 

Team Awards

Year Regionals State
2018-2019 3rd 4th


Individual All-State Awards

Year(s) Athlete Special Honors
1998 Shelly Patton  
1995 Jody Evans  
1992 Sara Evans  
1991, 1992 Tara Kandolin RMC Player of the Year 1992
1991 Diana Waliser  
1985 Kirsten Campbell  
1984, 1985 Lindsay Lufkin RMC Player of the Year 1985
1983 Kandi Kerbs  
1982 Mimi Yun  
1982 Tena Hileman  
1981 Isabelle Gilman  
1977 Heidi Kerbs  
1976 Donna Hanson  
  • All State Recognition is voted on by the coaches

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