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Mathematics Program Description

Mathematics Program Description


For a district-wide mathematics program, Carbon County School District No. 2 uses two distinct programs: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s Math in Focus (MIF) for grades K-5, and the College Preparatory Math Education Program (CPM) for all secondary grades 6-12.  Both programs align to the Wyoming Content and Performance standards.


Mathematics pacing guides and curriculum maps are used with fidelity for both elementary and secondary programs, according to the district’s PLC group structure (ex: 4th grade math is taught the same across all district elementary grades, secondary math (9-12) taught with fidelity across all CCSD2 high schools).  Like all content areas, the curriculum is continuously refined and modified to meet the needs of our student populations.  All mathematics PLCs K-12 recently prioritized standards to narrow instructional focus and track student growth via use of proficiency scales. 


For more information, please refer to district documentation that collects curriculum mapping, prioritized (power standards), proficiency scales, and publisher information on the particular programs, found here.


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