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School Performance & Improvement Plans

Performance Reports

For the report card, please visit Wyoming Up. Once you are on the website, please follow the directions below to locate the information for our district:

  • For the Wyoming Report Card
    • Click the View State Report
  • For the District Report Card
    • Choose “Carbon County School District #2” from the Select a District dropdown
    • Click View District
  • For the School Report Card
    • Choose “Carbon County School District #2” from the Select a District dropdown
    • Select “Saratoga Middle/High School” from the Select a School dropdown
    • Click View School

The Wyoming Report Card provides data under the following tabs: District or School Overview, Enrollment, Assessments, Cost Per Student, School Performance, Graduation, Teachers, and School Climate.

Saratoga Middle / High School Past Report Cards

  2021-22 (7-8)
2021-22 (9-12)
2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 (7-8)
2017-18 (9-12)
      2013-14 2014-15


Comprehensive Improvement Plans

  2016-17   2018-19 2019-20


District Performance Reports

Saratoga Middle / High School

Saratoga Middle / High Calendar

Contact Us

Saratoga Middle / High School
PO Box 1710
801 W. Elm Avenue
Saratoga, Wyoming 82331

Phone: 307-326-5246
Fax: 307-326-9607