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High School Football

2022/ 2023 High School Football 



Date Opponent Location Time Score
Monday, August 15th First Practice Saratoga    
Thursday,  September 1st Wind River Saratoga 5:30pm  
Friday, September 9th Moorcroft Moorcroft 5:00pm  
Saturday, September 17th **HOMECOMING** Niobrara County Saratoga 2:00pm  
Saturday, September 23rd Guernsey Guernsey 6:00pm  
Friday, September 30th Wright Saratoga 6:00pm  
Friday, October 7th Pine Bluffs Pine Bluffs 6:00pm  
Friday, October 14th Southeast Saratoga 6:00pm  
Friday, October 21st Lingle-Fort Laramie Lingle 6:00pm  

Coaches: Logan Wright & Walker Willilams

Team Awards

Year Accompishments/Awards


Individual All-State Awards

Year(s) Athlete Special Honors
2018 Sam Schneider Shrine Bowl 2019
2009 Samuel Gates Shrine Bowl 2010
2007, 2008 Chad McKinney Shrine Bowl 2009
2007 Josh Manley  
2007 Brian Lynch  
2006, 2007 David Capozzoli Shrine Bowl 2008
2006 Cole McKinney Shrine Bowl 2007
2005 Hadley Berger  
2004, 2005 Jason Kraft Shrine Bowl 2006
2004 Joe Pederson  
2004 Cory Collver  
2003 Bucky Hill  
2003 Jeremy Smith  
2002 Kegan Willford  
2002 Adam Herring  
2001 Tom Hall  
1999 Mitch Arnold  
1997 Thomas Mikkelson  
1995 Keith Epsenson Shrine Bowl 1996
1995 Brian Parrie  
1992 Jonathon “Bo” Capellen  
1991 John Donelan Shrine Bowl 1992
1988, 1989 Judd Campbell Shrine Bowl 1989
1988 Jeramy Spicer  
1988 Jody Jittenger  
1981, 1982 Marco Martin  
1981, 1982 David Jones Shrine Bowl 1983
1977 Ricky Hughes  
1976, 1977 Kevin Ryan Shrine Bowl 1978
1976 Walter Freshman Shrine Bowl 1977
1975 Charley Davis  
1975 Burt Willford  
1975 Steve Shaw Shrine Bowl 1976
1974 Mike Ryan  
1974 Vincent Crow  
1974 Jay Gerguson Shrine Bowl 1975
1974 Steve Shamion  
1971 Chuck Craig  
1965 Tom Runner  
  • All State Recognition is voted on by the coaches

Saratoga Middle / High School

Saratoga Middle / High Calendar

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Saratoga Middle / High School
PO Box 1710
801 W. Elm Avenue
Saratoga, Wyoming 82331

Phone: 307-326-5246
Fax: 307-326-9607

Non-Discrimination Notice

Carbon County School District No. 2 does not discriminate on the basis of “race, color, national origin, sex, or gender, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, physical or mental disability, age, political affiliation, religion, genetic information or belief on relation to admission, treatment of students, access to programs and activities, or terms and conditions of employment." Inquiries concerning Title VI, Title IX and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 or ADA may be referred to the Civil Rights/504/ADA Coordinator: Robin Brown, CARBON COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 2, PO Box 1530, Saratoga, Wyoming 82331, 307-326-5271; the Wyoming Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights Coordinator, 2nd Floor, Hershler Building, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002-0050, 307-777-6198; or Office of Civil Rights, Region VIII, U.S. Department of Education, Federal Office Building, Suite 310, 1244 Speer Blvd., Denver Colorado 80204-3582, TDD 303-844-3544.