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I hope you and your family are healthy at this challenging time.  Now that spring break is over it is a good time to update parents/guardians on plans for continued education as we try to complete this school year.  This information will be accurate as of the writing of this letter.  Things have changed multiple times over the last three weeks.


The State of Wyoming has closed all schools until at least April 20; however, that may be extended, so the Department of Education has directed all school districts to develop an Adapted Learning Plan to deliver basic educational services remotely. This will involve multiple formats including emails, various software platforms, video conference and other means.  CCSD#2 is working to develop that plan and to provide multiple tools for students, families and teachers to put the plan into effect.  Teachers across the district are working this week to develop lessons to start next week for all students.  At this time, it is unclear how long we will use this Adapted Learning Plan but for the foreseeable future we will be utilizing this and it may be how the school year is completed based on guidance from state health and educational officials.


The district web page will be the most up to date source for information regarding school closure and guidance from state officials.  This is a fluid and ongoing situation so please be patient as we try to hit the ground running with a remote educational delivery program. Please feel free to contact us and we will try to answer your questions to the best of our knowledge, the best way is via school email.


Encampment School is offering free emergency meals to students and families in our community ages 18 & under. If your family needs meals during this time, please place your order for emergency meals online to help us ensure we know how many to prepare.


Please remember this is an ongoing and evolving situation and there will be issues to work through.  Stay safe and well as we work through this challenging time together.

Mike Erickson




With the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic, national, state, and local authorities are finding it necessary to review, update and adjust procedures and protocols to ensure the safety of all. In response, our school district continues to exam our practices and will respond and adjust as needed during this time.

The CCSD #2 nursing staff will continue to bring updates to students and parents as necessary; please note the following items:

  • If your student has any medications on campus and you would like to have those at home; please contact your school secretary and we will facilitate pick-up for those.
  • For students with inhalers; please be aware that there is currently a nation-wide albuterol shortage (due to the effects of the pandemic). Please be proactive in checking expiration dates on your child’s inhaler and placing refill orders with plenty of excess time allowed.

Our school district has always observed guidelines for safe return to work or school following an illness; however, with the COVID-19 pandemic we are responding with heightened safety practices. Going forward our timelines for safe return following illness will include:

  • During normal times with minor illness; 24 hours symptom free before return to work or school
  • During times of severe illness outbreak such as widespread influenza or stomach virus; 48 hours symptom free before return to work or school
  • During times of declared medical pandemic; 72 hours symptom free before returning to work or school

*Please note: with our existing COVID-19 pandemic the 72 hour guideline will be in practice for all students and staff until further notice.  (Currently our district is observing online/distance learning procedures; however in the event our students return to on campus learning during this school year, then the 72 hour guideline will be in practice thru the end of May.)


*Keep a watch on the District website for current information and updates!

Dr. Copeland will be posting all updates on the CCSD#2 website. Please go to their website for the latest information.

Due to the Coronavirus recommendations, all Carbon County School District #2 Schools will be closed beginning at 8:00 AM, Tuesday, March 17th  through Friday April 17th - including the Central Office, to the General Public to limit exposure for our essential personnel who will be working during the closure period.  Please call or email for any help needed.  Deliveries will be allowed as possible during this time. 

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The Encampment K-12 School is a K-12 public education institution located in Encampment, Wyoming. It is part of Carbon County School District #2.


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The Town of Encampment and Town of Riverside are nestled in south-central Carbon County between the Sierra Madre and Snowy Range mountain ranges in the south central part of the state. Located forty miles south of Interstate 80 and 85 miles west of Laramie, the tiny town is home to 442 people. Grand Encampment, as it was originally known, served as an early day meeting place for Indians and trappers. Later tie cutters, miners and cattlemen came to the area. During the peak of the copper mining days the town boasted a smelter, the world's longest aerial tramway, and several thousand people. Smaller towns sprang up in several locations near the larger mines. When the copper mining boom ended just after the turn of the century, mines and towns were abandoned and the population of Encampment shrunk. Today Encampment is supported by the timber, ranching and recreation industries.

Carbon County is located in the south-central portion of Wyoming and is the third largest county in Wyoming. Its southern boundary is the Wyoming/Colorado border. The Continental Divide, which separates the eastern and western watersheds of North America, runs north and south through the county. The county is a study in contrasts - from snow-capped mountains and high plateaus in the south & north, to vast prairie lands in the east and the Red Desert basin in the west. Elevations range from 5,000 feet in the Red Desert to 12,006 feet in the Snowy Range.

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Prudential Spirit of Community Award

Prudential Spirit of Community Award

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Prudential Spirit of Community Award

Prudential Spirit of Community Award
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